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Order Form

To order photos, download the order form and then send to Tricolby Photography as an attachment.


Or send me an email with your event name & day if applicable, proof numbers, a contact phone number and full name and address.


* Order form is in Microsoft Word format.


Please contact Tricolby Photography prior to paying for your order to ensure all details are correct and a tax invoice will be sent out for your records.


TriColby Photography

Pricing & Ordering

TriColby Photography owns full copyright over all images found on this website.
Please do not upload, distribute, sell, print or email images outside terms & conditions.
If images are found on social networking sites without purchase or permission you will be billed per photograph at the current pricing structure. Images that are screen grabbed, copied or distributed and used for print or commercial purposes will be prosecuted under Australian and International Copyright Law.

If you want your images in B&W, Cyanotype, or Sepia just ask. No extra charge


Printed Images

Prices as below.

Prints 8 x 10 and larger now discounted permanently!

Print Size     Price

Postcards                      $6.00

4x6                               $7.00

5x7                               $15.00

8x6 (A5)                       $22.00

8x10                             $30.00

8x12 (A4)                     $35.00

10x12                            $40.00

11x14                            $45.00

12x18                            $50.00

16x20                            $60.00

Larger Prints                  Please contact me for price


Canvas prints are also available. Please contact me for a price.


Postage Details

For less than 5 prints please add $3.00 postage.

Order 5 prints or more and postage is free of charge.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for Printing and Delivery. All prints done at a qualified photo lab on archival quality paper.


Plain Image - Jpeg image

See License Agreement/Copyright Conditions here

Prices as below:

1 image                      $10.00

5 images                     $45.00                        ($9.00 per image)

10 images                   $80.00                        ($8.00 per image)

20 images                   $140.00                      ($7.00 per image)


Orders for 2 images or less will be emailed.

For 3 or more images please add $3.00 for disc and postage.

5 or more images will include disc and postage to anywhere in Australia.


All pricing is in Australian dollars and GST is not applicable.


* Group orders are welcome, simply add $3.00 per person for disc and postage and include their name and address in the order.


** Photo's purchased are copyrighted for personal use only**

For License Agreements/Copyright Conditions please click here.


.Jpeg Image for Commercial Purposes

Photo's for commercial purposes will cost $100.00 each and can be emailed or put on a disc and posted at full resolution.

* Commercial purposes is for the purpose of selling something OTHER than the subject portrayed.



A combination of several photos.

2 photos - $20

3 photos - $30

4 photos - $40

* These photos must be pre-booked as the photos must be taken in sequence to make an Equirama.


Custom Photo's

For custom colour backgrounds or removal of small distractions in the background each image will cost $15.00. (For extensive image editing please contact me for a quote).


For a custom image combining two different photographs the cost will be $30.00. This can include text/logos and borders of your choosing. **


For a custom image combining three different photographs the cost will be $40.00 per image. This can include text/logos and borders of your choosing. **


For more extensive editing including full Ad Designs or combining 4 or more photo's, prices start at $60.00. Please contact Tricolby Photography for a quote.  **


** For custom images using photographs from this website please also add $5.00 per image used.


Custom images will be supplied on a CD and includes postage and disc or if preferred can be printed on a 6 x 8 print and includes postage.


See here for samples of custom photographs.


Custom images can be done using my photographs or yours. If you have images at home you want adjusted you can email them to me for editing for the same prices as those quoted above. If however, the images are copyrighted by another photographic business I will require their written permission to edit their photos.




If you would like to order images from the website please download an Order Form or contact Tricolby Photography for payment details.  Payment can be made via cash, money order, direct debit or cheque (direct debits/cheques need to clear prior to images being posted).  Cheques to be made payable to Trisha Minchin.

Invoices will be sent out upon ordering with all relevant details.

Please include your event name & day if applicable, proof numbers, a contact phone number and full name and address in your email so I can get back to you personally.

To find the proof number: go to the photo gallery of your event and note the IMG number BELOW the photo, the event title and the day.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery, this includes image editing.